Slept through the night!

Last night was the first night in a long time that I slept 8 hours straight!! I woke up and it was 7:40am. Cady normally will wake up at around 1am, then around 4am, then at 7am. I think because I didn’t have the monitor volume up very high, I didn’t hear her crying because when I went in to check on her, she was sleeping sideways with the covers off. She had to have been crying to end up sideways…. Well, she survived! I think I’m going to try the same thing tonight and see if I hear her. This will be good for her sleep training. J

Today, Julian didn’t have to work too long, so to make up for last night, we were able to go to the Lincoln Park conservatory. It was beautiful and warm inside. And best part about it, it was free. J one of the few places that are free these days. I still can’t get use to the fact that we have to get into the museums. We spent about an hour there. Cadence was curiously looking around. The good thing was that it’s warm inside. We later went to Chinatown to eat all you can eat hot pot. It began as a disappointment, but ended up to be really good. The food was food that I could have bought, but the meat was better than what I get so it was somewhat worth it. To make a long story short, we spent 2 hours in the restaurant, Cady had one explosive diaper which leaked onto her clothes where we had to change her on the chairs of the restaurant. So we had a fun time at the restaurant….but it makes for a great story….. We later got bubble tea drinks and went home. Cady went to sleep pretty well today. No crying. I used the daddy technique which is laying her down and singing to her and playing with her. She was occupied by eating the teether also, so that probably helped.

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