January 31, 2008

I could not have picked a better two days to take off of work. Yesterday it was like 15 degrees outside and today is a snow storm. The good thing was that yesterday was sunny, so Cady and I were still able to go visit Julie and Eleanor. I realized how good it is to visit friends and to have Cady be exposed to children her age. I think she needs some interaction even though it’s not much since she’s still sleeping or tired most of the time. We spent the entire day there just chatting, feeding, trying to get the kids to sleep and making handmade stuff. Cady definitely had fun. Last night I realized that I’ve been ignoring Cadence in the middle of the night. I actually heard her crying at 5am and I decided to pick her up and feed her and change her. She was a little too awake, so I just laid her in her crib and left. It was heartbreaking because she was crying, but I need to start somewhere in sleep training her. I watched the monitor until I dozed off and when I woke up she wasn’t crying anymore. I think I’m going to do the same thing tonight. So today was the snow storm. 2-6 inches. Just shows how much I’m out of the news. I had no idea. I was planning on running all these errands with Cadence, but only got to doing 2 errands. Driving was really slow. I attempted to go to Northbrook court. When I got there, I thought to myself “what am I doing? Bringing a baby out in this storm”. So I just started driving home. The only good thing is that she got a great nap out of all of this.

I started to go dairy free as of yesterday. Cady’s skin is getting bad again and she keeps scratching it so it’s making it worse. I have to try something. All the creams, antibiotics, lotions are not working, so I decided to go dairy free and see if that works. Next will be gluten free if dairy free doesn’t work. I’m also changing her sheets and my breast pads more often. I just hope this doesn’t scar her face.

I was thinking today how everything that I thought I would do being a mom, I’ve been doing the opposite. I always thought that I was going to let my child cry themselves to sleep. When I hear her cry, it kills me sometimes. I just want to go and pick her up. Hence, I am still nursing/rocking Cady to sleep. I never wanted Cady to just sit in front of the TV. Right now, I am watching the Simpsons while Cady is in the Megasaucer staring at the TV. I definitely don’t want to make this a habit.

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