February 8, 2008 - Food Allergies...

So I’ve been going dairy/egg/soy/nut free for a few days now. More dairy/egg than the others. Cady’s skin has gotten better today than two days ago. Two days ago, her cheeks were super red and pussy!! Me and Julian nearly cried because it looked so painful. I would try to put lotion on, but it was so wet that it wouldn’t stick. I would pat it dry with a tissue and it would be really wet. It was keeping her awake. She would rub her eyes and rub all the puss on her face. Her entire face started to turn red and spotty. We didn’t know what to do. She slept with us that night, but woke up a few times crying. Thank God her cheeks dried up a bit so I was able to put cream on it. We took her the next day to see an allergist. She has to take a blood test to see what or if she’s allergic to any foods. I wonder if it has to do with the weather. Today was a little warmer and her skin feels a lot better. But we also have been using hydrocortisone. So I’m not sure which one is making it better. We’ll probably have the blood drawn tomorrow.

It’s been hard going dairy free. I’m noticing that A LOT of things have dairy in it. Like chicken broth. Who would have thought that chicken broth would have milk in it. Also, this one bread that I like to get a Costco has milk in it also. I’ve been eating plain bagels for breakfast and no coffee since I can’t use milk or soy. Oh well, whatever works to make Cady’s skin better.

So far in the past hour, we’ve killed about 5 ants. This is getting out of control. Where are they coming from and why are they coming?? This is the result of not cleaning the house. They’re the big ants too. We use to get them in the summer, but we would see maybe one every other day. But we’ve seen 5 in one hour!!! And last week, there was one in my soy milk!! Yuck! Hopefully it crawled in there after I drank out of it and not originally in there. I say we spray the place, but Julian doesn’t like the toxic fumes. So we’re going to get ant traps. I hope we find where they’re coming from or maybe we should just clean the house…….

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