February 10, 2008 - The blood test

I took the bumper off of Cadence’s crib yesterday. I put her in the crib and I went to the bathroom to fill up the humidifier and when I came back, I found her sideways, with her head underneath the bumper. That’s when I thought that it’s time to take the bumper off. When I took it off, the crib looked very bare and more like she’s sleeping in a cage.

Cadence is becoming more and more active these days. She’s touching her toes and can eat them. When you say that about an adult, it’s gross, but it’s adorable when a baby does it. She has also almost flipped over from her back. She can roll over to her side, but not entirely to her tummy. We haven’t been that good at giving her tummy time mainly because she hates it and because of her cheeks. She tends to put her face down and rub her cheeks when she’s angry and crying. We went to the allergist last Friday and he suggested to get a blood test to see what she’s allergic to. They couldn’t do it on her back because it was already red from the eczema, so the blood test would have been better. We went to the hospital to get her blood drawn and it took longer than expected. They couldn’t find a vein in her arm to take blood from, so they tried the top of her hand. The blood started coming out, but stopped. Might I add that she cried a little bit, but was distracted by Julians singing which was awesome!! They poked her other hand to get blood out and the same thing happened. Some came out, but stopped. Poor girl!! L We gave her some milk and calmed her down a bit. So they called in an older nurse probably because she’s had more experience with this. They found a tiny vein in her arm, but you can tell she was very hesitant to poke her. She was speaking another language to the other nurse, but I can tell they were very unsure about this. After checking both arms, they went with the original one they found which was barely there. Cady was already very tired, so when we laid her down, she started crying like crazy. They finally poked her and she was crying even more. I felt so bad…..the needle was like half way into her arm, but praise God that they were able to get a good amount of blood out. I didn’t want her to be poked so much, but at the same time looking at her eczema, I really wanted to get these tests done so we can possibly control these breakouts. Cady took a long nap after that.

This past Sunday, Cadence has finally adjusted to my sister and my mom. Yay! Well, thanks for my sis. She’s great with kids and the whole time she was there, she was very playful and didn’t cry very much. Let’s just hope that she stays that way…..

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