March 18, 2008 - 7 months

Cadence is 7 months now. 21 pounds!! At Kanade’s wedding we saw a 10 month old boy and an almost 1 year old boy. Cadence was so much bigger than the both of them. I love chubby babies though! Yesterday, Cadence’s poo officially became solid. Well not completely solid since it gets all smashed in there. But it’s definitely not the liquidy substance that it always is. :p This morning she was crying like crazy and I just knew she poo’ed. She kept arching her back because she didn’t want her butt on a flat surface because it’s solid now. She’s become more fussy these days. Not wanting to sit and play or eat solids. Always wanting me to hold her. I’m not sure what’s going on. Could be the teething. She’s gotten one tooth and another one on it’s way! I have yet to feel the pain of her biting while nursing. But sometimes I do feel pain so I assume it’s her biting, but maybe I’ve become numb to it that it doesn’t hurt as bad.

Cady’s skin is still the same. I’ve been hesitant going back to any sort of doctor. I think it’s because I know what they’ll say. But Julian reminded me that we need to go back to get her 6 month shots. So we will probably do that soon. But we’ve just been keeping up the lotions and moisturizing. Some days are better than others, but she’s still scratching and it’s starting to affect her sleep now. It’s taking her longer to cry herself to sleep because she’s really uncomfortable. The Benedryl and Zyrtec just doesn’t work too well on her. I don’t want to give her anything stronger but maybe we’ll have to.

Cady’s friend was just born. :D Madison Audrey Tu was born on 3/16. We’ll give it two months when Madison builds up an immune system before they meet.

Yesterday to my surprise, I saw Cady hold a bottle and stick it in her mouth all by herself. I sat her down in the high chair. She was fussy the whole time. I put a bottle of water in front of her thinking she would play with it to calm her down. She picked it up with two hands and put the nipple in her mouth and started sucking. It was the cutest thing!! Of course she wasn’t too happy when she realized it was water and not mommy’s milk. But at least she drank a little bit. She hasn’t been liking water too much and definitely not liking the sippy cup. :p

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