6 Months!

Cadence is almost 6 months old. Time is just flying by. Today she missed her afternoon nap. I’m afraid her awesome nap schedule is going away. It took her a while to fall asleep at night. I let her cry for 30 minutes. When I went back in the room after 30 minutes, she knew I was in there, so she stopped crying for a second. That’s when I realized that she won this battle….. I have problems with being consistent with putting her to sleep. I need to stop nursing her to sleep or it’s going to get harder and harder. I bought some organic rice cereal. Julian tried giving it to her. She later spit it all up. For some reason, she spit up a few times today which is not like her. Today is also the first time Cadence drank out of a sippy cup. She did pretty well. She started to suck, but maybe wasn’t use to the taste of water.

I saw an episode of the Simpsons today and I actually teared up. It was really sweet. It was family time at the Simpson household and Homer was telling the story of why they didn’t have any baby pictures of Maggie. Before she was born, Homer quit his job and got his dream job at the bowling alley. He later found out that Marge was pregnant and freaked out. He was so sad that he had to quit his bowling job and go back to the plant and work. His life was miserable. His boss put a sign in Homers work station that said something like ‘you are here forever’. When Maggie was born, he instantly loved her so much. He thought she was the greatest thing in the world. So Bart asks why no pictures of Maggie. Homer says that he has pictures, they’re put in a special place. They were pasted all over his walls at work and that sign was rearranged to say “do it for her”. Awwww…sniff sniff. I thought that was so sweet. I never thought I’d tear up watching the Simpsons. Having my own baby definitely makes me love babies even more. Today I felt like I was dreaming. I couldn’t believe that Cadence is my beautiful baby and that I have this little life that I have to take care of. Thank you Lord!!

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