Festival of Lights - November 22, 2008

We decided to go to the Magnificent Mile festival of lights parade. I saw the pictures on the internet and I thought Cady would love it. Again, the holiday excitement got into me and I just wanted Cady to have fun and get excited. I knew she wasn't going to remember it, but I just wanted to see her happy and enjoy that one moment. She's almost 16 months and every month feels like a year she's grown. Meaning she's understanding a lot that we say to her now. Some of the time if I tell her to drink her milk, she knows what I'm saying and will pick up her sippy cup and drink her milk. She's just recently starting to say the words that we say. I tell her to "wait" a lot because she wants me to give her everything when she asks for it and she always repeats me. I said "shoot!" once and she repeated that. So now, I really have to watch what I say. When she climbs on the chair, I tell her to "sit". She repeats that and it comes out sounding like "s**t". I should work on her pronunciation.....

So anyways, we take the train down due to the crowds and parking. We end up standing outside for maybe and hour and no parade yet. It was freezing and Cady's cheeks and hands was getting icy and red. So we decided to warm up at the Corner Bakery nearby. To make a long story short, we missed the parade, but we got to see fireworks. She was surprised at first and started to squint her eyes like she does when she sees a dog, in fear that the dogs tail will hit her in the face. She later started to enjoy it, but not as much as I thought she would. According to Julian, we are not going to the festival of lights again...... :p

With all the changes and growing that Cadence is going through, she's also become a litte piggy. When she sees food her eyes widen and she goes "mmmmm!" It's the cutest thing! She also does that when she sees food in an ad or something. Too bad I think her eating habits are going bad. She's probably sick of the food that I'm making her.

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