Cadence meets Nathaniel - November 24, 2008

Today Cadence met Nathaniel for the first time. After a while of ignoring him and not noticing that he was even there, she started to say "di di" (which means younger brother in Chinese). Her attention span isn't that long so she would notice him then go about her business. She quite enjoyed watching his diaper getting changed though. She started laughing as he squirmed and squealed as he got his diaper changed. She could probably relate.....

Something new that she did today was cry out mama, mama when I was in the bathroom at Grandma's house. I told my mom to watch her as I went to the bathroom, and all I heard was "mama, mama" over and over again. It was kind of cute, but I didn't realize how bad her separation anxiety is. The doctor said that it would get worse by 18 months so I figure it wasn't anything that I could train her to not do. After seeing a few other mom's struggle with their kids, I thought that maybe it's a stage that kids go through. Some better than others. But I didn't want to go through the pains of training her to not have separation anxiety when it's going to happen anyways. Cady was once a good baby in the church nursery who just played on her own and could care less if we left the room. Now she's the loudest crier in the room if we leave.

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