14 months

Cadence is starting to walk around like crazy. People were right when they warned me about walking. They go where they want to go and not where you want to go. And if you want them to go where you want to go, they put up a fight. She now has 9 teeth including one molar coming out. I believe she can fully understand a lot of things that we say and do. She loves it when we laugh, because she laughs when we laugh. She recognizes who her family and friends are. She can sign "more", "all done" and "eat". It all just happened one day. I said the word eat and she pointed at her mouth. I was so shocked! Consistency works even when you don't think it works.

We just came back from Texas and it was better than I anticipated. Cady slept most of the way there and back on the plane. She had a great time with Isabelle and Ethan and playing with them everyday. That's probably where she learned how to walk the most because she actually had an open space to walk around in. Our basement is still not finished yet so our house is still cluttered because everything is stored upstairs. The only bad thing is that I caught a cold while I was there which made my flight back home miserable because of my congestion. But I'm thankful that Cady was able to sleep and she didn't catch the cold until much later.

Cadence is now as playful as ever. This is probably one of the best times before she hits the terrible 2's. She laughs all the time and walks up to you with her arms out. She gives us hugs and kisses when we ask for one. Although it does take a little while, but she does. I just recently have weaned her completely from nursing. So I haven't given her milk for the last 2 nights from me. The first night was the worst. She kept crying and I felt like she felt that I was abandoning her. I later picked her up and rocked her to sleep. Luckily to fell asleep in my arms.

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