April 3, 2008 - Work.....

It’s year end close at work and I’ve been at the office all week. My in-laws slept over to help with Cadence. I didn’t know how it would be like going back to the office for the entire week until now. I’m so thankful that I can work from home. I realized that if I didn’t, I’d only be able to see Cady at most 2 hours a day and on the weekends which can get eventful at times. It’s pretty sad, I’m always thinking about her at work and I’ve been noticing that she doesn’t want me as much anymore. She use to start crying when I would leave the room. Now she doesn’t. About two days ago, she started to cry when I put her down to sleep. Before that she got really good at going to sleep on her own. I would feed her, then lay her down and she would be pretty happy and then eventually fall asleep. Her naps were getting better also with little crying. But now everything has changed. I can’t wait until tomorrow is over so I can go back to working at home.

I noticed that Cadence loves playing with everyday things. Some of her favorite toys are: my employee id card, the lid of the Aquaphor container, paper!, etc…. basically anything that isn’t a toy for kids! I can give her a set of toy keys and she would just hold it, but when she sees some real keys, she grabs it and shakes it and won’t let it go. It’s funny how babies are……..

As for Cady’s skin, it’s acting up again. I did eat a little egg by accident. It turns out that egg is used to glaze the Calzone that I ate at work. At the time, the lady probably didn’t know. So now I’m wondering if it’s the egg that’s making it better. But she’s still scratching like crazy on her body, especially at night. L

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