May 29, 2008 - Food...

Cady can now say the words, dada, nana/mama, baba, jaja. Of course, mama only comes out when we’re eating and when she can’t stand any longer to eat mommy’s food. I’ve upgraded her to organic free range chicken, organic broccoli and organic brown rice. I thought it was really good!! She liked it for a bit, but didn’t eat it all. I don’t get it. To be honest, I think it’s kind of cute when she starts crying/pouting when she doesn’t want anymore food. She literally fights and turns her head. Almost like she’s going to die if she ate another bite. Right now, Cady loves fruit, bananas especially and she can now eat cheerios on her own. Yay! She can take a few sips out of the sippy cup. Another yay! Also, she can now crawl….well sort of….she uses her left knee and her right foot. So she looks like she’s limping. But enough to move from one place to another. She loves to get into everything. Some of her favorite toys right now are paper, flipping the garbage can and getting into her book shelf and throwing everything off. So pretty much making a mess is her favorite thing to do

I am still working full time with part time working from home. These are the days that I wish I could take Cady to a bunch of classes and to the library for storytime. I think she’s really bored at home with just me and playing with the same old things. I think she needs some kind interaction. I feel guilty for working but thankful that I can at least work at home and see her going through all these milestones. We have half day Fridays now, so hopefully I’ll make good use of them to spend time with Cadence.

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