April 14, 2008 - Sleep training

Just when I thought I got the sleep training down packed, Cadence is starting to cry again. L I got her to the point where for her naps, I can just lay her down and she can put herself to sleep without me being there and without too much crying. Maybe it was because I traumatized her by making her nap at my moms house (which was unsuccessful). But now, it’s like I’m starting all over. She’s crying herself to sleep for her naps and the cries are sounding more sad. She’s starting to hold her arms up and lean towards me when she wants to be picked up and when I don’t, she just cries and leans towards my chest. It’s SO sad!!! I want to cry! Wahhhhh! L I just want to pick her up and hold her all day long, but I have to get back to work and she needs her nap.

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